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Friday, October 4, 2013

Unleashed by David Rosenfelt

Unleashed by David Rosenfelt is another mystery novel in a series. The title has many meanings. The main characters are a couple. Andy Carpenter is an independently wealthy criminal lawyer who doesn’t like cases and his wife, Laurie, a former cop turned investigator for him. Cases come to him rather than the other way around and he is more interested in make up sex, going away sex, returning home sex, than law cases. But when he takes on a case, well he is all in with a crew that would put the A-Team to shame. Oh and money is no object. Oh yeah, dogs seem to play a prominent role in the Andy Carpenter series. His dog Tara is headlined and in Unleashed a new dog is Crash because he was found or rather hit by one of his friends, Sam, who works for Andy. Crash has powers.
It is good luck to pet Crash as we learn throughout this novel. The tale starts out with a drone strike in Pakistan that promises revenge and retaliation. It involves lots of money and the key money man discovers his involvement and tries to stop it only to die. His death begins a cascading number of deaths and accusations of his murder. It’s about paying attention to details and having a guy like Marcus on your side because Marcus is Marcus. He is better than the FBI as we see and appreciate. Andy and Laurie aren’t too bad either with their octogenarian researchers. We all need a Crash and a Marcus.

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