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Friday, November 22, 2013

Fifty Years Ago

I was running around the football field on a very grey, wet fall day at Williston Academy. I was fourteen and in my first year as an eighth grader at this New England Prep School. News came that the president had been shot. I went back to my dorm to watch the coverage on the television in my dorm master's room. It was the first time I saw a man cry when it was announced that the president was dead. That was the beginning of the chaos that would be followed by more assassinations, burning cities, and a war that changed America. Five years later I graduated from Williston on June 6, 1968. The night before we were watching RFK speak about his recent victories in California and North Dakota. Then he was shot. The assassinations of JFK & RFK book ended my years at Williston. These two days compete for importance with the two days the World Trade Towers were attacked. My two children were in a school two blocks north of these bold attacks and were personal.

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