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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Massive by Richard House

The Massive by Richard House is the second book of four in The Kills begins with seven funerals of men who served at Camp Liberty. We are looking back on the lives of these men and how they intersected in life and followed one another in death. I was curious as to why students in the first school in which I taught, a private New England boarding school grades five to nine were there. I mean who sends a kid away to boarding school in fifth grade? To my surprise the reasons are many. One was very intriguing. A group of ten kids some related but all were friends and the children of five pair of parents who went to do contract work in Saudi Arabia. They didn’t want to take their children for the two-year gig. Each pair was to earn a million dollars. That’s the story of this book. Men are contracted to work in Iraq or that area for a fixed time and fixed amount of money. No guarantees. Money was good and would solve financial problems at home. Off to Camp Liberty with a hand picked group of seven men to man the burn pits. “’What happened to the last guy? The one for the Middle East?’ Santo asked in a voice that was not so quiet. ‘You think they ate him?’ The Men looked back and considered the possibility.” We are traveling back in time to where it all started, Camp Liberty. A story, there’s always a story, stolen dogs, Sparts, putting the f in freedom, secrets, a baby, Nut, deceit, lies, the whole lot.
Burning pits leave quite the stink.

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