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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Almost English by Charlotte Mendelson

Almost English by Charlotte Mendelson is about a young girl, Marina, coming of age in a house of women, a grandma, great aunts, and a mother, Laura. Because Marina wants to go to Cambridge, she is sent to a coed boarding school for her last year. The family sacrifices everything for her. Mother and daughter are obsessed about sex. Hungarian women are a handful, Marina’s boyfriend Guy is warned by his father.
Marina’s family roots are Hungarian. She is foreign. She is in an English boarding school preparing for Cambridge. She is not interested in her past, only her future. She and her mom are two confused women about their men, their lives, and themselves. As it turns out, Guy’s dad is the son of a man who stole from Marina’s grandparents. Her dad has returned from “being dead.” He has cancer. Her mom might be pregnant. It is all very complicated and ends just at the right place for a sequel.

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