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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mr. Lynch’s Holiday by Catherine O’Flynn

Mr. Lynch’s Holiday by Catherine O’Flynn has a King Lear feel about it. Dermot, the dad from England, drops in on his son, Eamonn, who lives in Spain. Dad is retired. Dermot has another story, wife after eight years left, car battery is dead, and he lives in a town of expat Brit retirees, and still owes lots of money on his house. Oh the weight.
This is about the father and the son. In one exchange they discover they both agreed about the same event. Eamonn complained that his father didn’t want to see a holiday show in which his son performed. The father replied that he sat through the whole show and had to search for his son, who lurked in the back. His son replied that he didn’t want to be in the show. He continued that he was sorry his mother dragged his father to the show. The father admitted that it was he who dragged his mother to the show. Why is it that fathers and sons take so long to straighten things out?
Perhaps one of the most fundamental questions in our western Christian life is asked by the son, “Why does Jesus have to die? Why didn’t God die?” Damn good question. What father that you know wouldn’t die for his son? What father wants to bury his son? This is one of those A-Ha moments. It is a story of how a father and son get to know each other, finally. They even learn something about themselves after their women have left them. Better communications, that’s what life is about, then you get fired. A poignant moment when father and son are talking about dead mother, father says, “I’ve been less lonely since she’s gone.”
Lots going on in this book, a great read.

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