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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Hit by Richard House

The Hit by Richard House is the fourth book of four in The Kills.  This quartet is a Tarantinoesque thousand-page tome.  It has been a maze to wander, stories to follow, plot twist upon plot twist. This book begins with the first Sutler, all three of them. We are regaled with lessons and a story about a man who kills a dog with his bare hands after the dog has killed another dog or was it a cat or a rat? Then the killer dog approaches a boy outside a church or was it a mosque? A story, that’s when all the trouble starts.  
The trouble began with some murders. Then there was the book about said murders. Author ran into trouble. Then there was a movie. Now when people speak about the murders they don’t know if they mean the book or the movie. Isn’t that always the case. Many of my students wrote book reports about the movie.
So where does all of this start? We don’t even know how it ends.
There is a webpage.

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