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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Kill by Richard House

The Kill by Richard House is the third book of four in The Kills.  We have a novel within a novel. The Novel being written is The Kill and the surrounding novel is The Kill. Finn is the author writing about three killings in Naples. He explores their connections to each other and researches these heinous crimes much like the method used by Truman Capote in his In Cold Blood. An American student is murdered, a murderer is murdered and a prostitute is murdered. How these three murders connect is the story of the first part of the novel. In the second part Finn unravels the sequence and details as best he can. The five pointed start within a circle seems to be the main link. Follow this symbol.
The action takes place over three years. In the third year a movie is made and one wonders if the killings ever happened.

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