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Friday, January 24, 2014

Cypress Grove by James Sallis

Cypress Grove by James Sallis takes it easy as the local sheriff comes to visit a former cop, Turner, who spent as much time in jail as on the force and now retired. Turner lives deep in the woods, watches squirrels try to crack pecans and owls fly off with latest rodent meal. The sheriff brings a bottle of bourbon while Turner brings out a bowl of stew followed by coffee. When the bottle is empty, the sheriff Turner for help in a murder. Country ways sure appeal to me, which is why I left NYC for the shores of Maryland in my retirement. No rush, everything takes time, even investigations, but eventually it all gets solved.
As we learn more about the local problem we also learn about Turner’s past. The beauty of this book is the plot development. the character development and the facts of life. Being in jail or retired, “If you don’t use your Time, it’ll sure use you.” Ain’t that the truth for life.

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