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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Truth by Michael Palin

The Truth by Michael Palin is about seeking the truth. Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see, is great advice. Keith Mabbut thinks he lives by this advice, but doesn’t. That is the problem and the solution is when he becomes a journalist with some pushing by interested parties who want him to report and write on their version of the truth.  It takes his own innocence to finally get to the truth in spite of himself and those around him. “Keith, why do you always believe anything except the truth?”
Mabbut gained a reputation as a journalist by writing an exposé and then dulled it with his favorable writing of an oil company. That is why he was picked to write a biography of an influential and mythical humanitarian and environmentalist Hamish Melville. Mabbut elicits the truth from Melville and those around him as his ex wife, Krystyna, his daughter, Jay, who undergoes some pain as they, too, discover the truths in their lives.
Mabbut is lucky, he is able to get to the truth and eventually live the dream. Shouldn’t we all be as lucky?
Oh BTW, I love London and reveled in the walks about London by Mabbut., delicious.

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