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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cripple Creek by James Sallis

Cripple Creek by James Sallis picks Turner where he was left after Cypress Grove.  A simple traffic stop cascades out of control. Speeding through town in a hopped up Mustang, the driver gets violent and contentious with the local cop. The driver ends up in jail and his quarter million dollars in the bank vault. The next day he is busted out of jail and the deputy and dispatcher left unconscious and in the hospital. Turner now a deputy goes to Memphis, his old stomping ground as a cop many years ago to right the wrongs. He tangles with the local mob and is saved by his long lost daughter, now a marshal.
Back home, things get weird as contracts are out on Turner and/or his friends. Turner fades in and out of past events as cop, in jail, and as therapist. His home is getting filled as his daughter, JT moves in, Val, his girlfriend stays since her house has been violated, and a pregnant possum, Emily. All Turner wanted was some peace and quiet after Nam, a stint as a cop in Memphis, and a therapist. Then he becomes a deputy in his new town.
When trouble comes your way the only way to end it is tom cut off the head of the leader. Just as a house always fills with family, it eventually empties, too. And we are back alone as the way we began, only with echoes now.

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