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Friday, February 21, 2014

Three Can Keep a Secret by Archer Mayor

Three Can Keep a Secret by Archer Mayor takes place in Vermont during and after Hurricane Irene. I remember Irene well. I was visiting Assateague Island and was asked to leave as the storm approached. Being chased by it all the way back to NYC, I arrived home before it hit. My sister lives in Vermont, which was hammered. The infrastructure damage was intense, as streams became Colorado Rivers wiping out bridges and roads. She was fine as her place was elevated. This is familiar territory for me as Vermont was my playground during my college years and later as a place to take my family camping.
Who would have thought the VBI, Vermont Bureau of Investigation would be so busy. A joke from decades ago, Governor for a Day comes back to haunt old men and women responsible for this event. Death and stones in a coffin highlight the events for the VBI.
A good ole boys political club in the 60’s is living the dream. Then the dream becomes a nightmare. There’s a rape, a child, then fifty years before it is fixed thanks to Irene.

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