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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Sniper’s Wife by Archer Mayor

The Sniper’s Wife by Archer Mayor returns me to Brattleboro, Vermont. I spent some time there working with teachers at Marlboro College as a consultant with graduate students who wanted to use technology in their classroom and to help design a high school using technology in unique ways. The second part never materialized, so I returned to NYC to help open our own technology high school in Queens. We meet Willy Kunkle, a Vietnam vet, a former NYC cop, and now VBI officer in Brattleboro. He was described as “on his own toboggan ride straight to the bottom of self-indulgent despair.” He has a past that comes back to rediscover him. Thought and memory. He returns to NYC to ID his dead former wife, Mary, and then investigate her death.
Kunkle navigates Mary’s past after their divorce that reunites him with his older brother, an old Nam friend, her rehab clinic, and drug dealers. His boss and current partner from Vermont come to NYC to find and save himself from himself. They are on different paths that meet at the end.  Just as Vietnam created two kinds of vets, good ones and bad ones. Willy a one armed lawman from Vermont returns to NYC to solve a case in his own way and on his own terms.

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