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Monday, February 23, 2015

Bridge by Robert Thomas

Bridge by Robert Thomas is a tale of wonder, the mind, and a rabbit hole we go in with a girl named Alice. This book is loaded with great insight into the human mind as viewed through a patient in a psycho ward in SF. “That’s the worst isn’t it? To take the one thing someone does well, the one wildflower that barely survives in the shadow of their mountain of mediocrities, and tell them that’s it, that’s what I hate about you.” P 49 Alice chats with us, though she tells us she hates chatting, about everything as if we are her shrink. It’s cool and scary. “And I wanted David to have sex with me in the stairwell so I wouldn’t have to let him into my apartment. I could go in alone and flop on the couch and wait until I had the baby.  Give birth to some Don or, yes Donna who one day would look at herself in the mirror and realize she was like … me. And so I stopped talking to David.” p 72 Alice has quite the fantasy and quite the story that seeps out slowly, like blood from a cut. We get images of a struggling woman who has trouble just going to work and then her fantasy takes over from there and we are not sure if some of her actions are real or not. That is the point here, not knowing what is real and what is not. It made me stop and think and just look around. “That’s why people travel: to change identities. “ p80

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