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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Inside a Silver Box by Walter Mosley

Inside a Silver Box by Walter Mosley is a fanciful tale of life and death and how the two intermingle, cooperate, and rise to another level. This ain’t an Easy Rawlins adventure, it is a whimsical metaphor masterfully written by Mr Walter Mosley.
A white female jogger, Lorraine, is murdered by a young wayward black man, Ronnie in Central Park.  This is where the story takes a different turn from the one we may expect. Some time in the past, we don’t know exactly but over the spot where Ronnie murdered Lorraine a battle royal over the galaxies ended here with the burial of those battling forces of good and evil.  Ronnie goes back and resurrects Lorraine because he has come in contact with these ancient forces. Now the duo is battling those higher life and death forces together.  A fanciful metaphor from the genius, Mosley.
As we all go down some “Rabbit Hole” Super powers are given to Lorraine and Ronnie via blindness that leads to super human running skills for Lore and to joint stiffness that leads to super human strength and stature for Ronnie. In this new world of the supernatural they fight evil. Our dynamic duo is in constant “pay attention” mode because s/he never knows when which character kicks in at which time. “Who am I” kicks whenever and we have a kind of situation; the superhero or the perp and victim. Saving the world is tough work, but it’s gots ta get done.  Besides what other kind of fantasy can you tell cops when they rouse you awake in Central Park all naked and such?

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