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Friday, February 27, 2015

Only the Dead by Vidar Sundstol

Only the Dead by Vidar Sundstol, Minnesota Trilogy 2, puts me in Minnesota on the shores of Lake Superior, a place I will be heading to this summer.  No sooner have I begun this book than I’m reminded of the last book with a moral conundrum: “ This knowledge has transformed Lance into a corrupt police officer who is protecting a family member from the law.” (p 37) By the time we learn this, we know this, or at least should be suspecting it. Two brother hunters in Ojibwe country in Minnesota on Lake Superior is the setting.  Murder becomes the focus as we often see in stories of brothers, guns, and hunting. This is a slow methodical hunt as the brothers navigate the truth, wrestle with their consciences as Indian spirits provide the impetus for action. The November hunt for deer and a solution top the moral conundrum conflicts with a curious backstory and an incredible ice storm. Now I need to find Minnesota Trilogy 1 and wait for 3.

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