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Monday, February 2, 2015

Second Life by Paul Griner

Second Life by Paul Griner is a macabre tale about the second life of us. After we die, we can be harvested. That is what Elena; our heroine did before she was busted. Now she is at it again, sort of. She is trying to find a friend who may or may not have died and may be on blocks for harvesting. Weird book for me to be reading as I am sashayed around the autopsy room in the first chapter and reading about the process of harvesting. December 8 wasn’t that long ago.
The business of harvesting human bodies is a strange one. It certainly brings to mind horror films of hooded individuals robbing graves at night for some crazy scientist. The sex is even macabre and ghoulish. Definitely a fun dark book to read on a dark dank day in the winter, not a warm sunny beach.  Here is a character’s description of the business of harvesting: “He frowned. You know what I mean. Migrant labor in a foreign country, the ones no one pays attention to or wants to know about. That’s what we are, with corpses. Migrants in the land of the dead.”
This is a tale of former friends who fall apart and then death brings them together again one last time so everyone can have a proper second life.

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