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Friday, March 6, 2015

Murder on the Mediterranean by Alexander Campion

Murder on the Mediterranean by Alexander Campion reacquaints me with Capucine, the pretty French detective, her adorable food critic husband Alexandre, and her impish uncle, Jacques. What is supposed to be a luxurious vacation on a yacht in the Mediterranean with ten others turns into a nightmare. Sex and political power are at the core of this mystery and our victim, Nathalie, would have done well to be in Beautiful You by Chuck Palahniuk than in this book as evidenced by the last thing we hear her speak after a rather vulgar and disappointing sexual encounter with another man on the boat other than her lover: “Wouldn’t life be perfect without the need for men.” (p 52)
The treat of a Capucine Culinary Mystery is the eating. The meals are always detailed and delicious. The conversation entertaining as we learn more about food prep and important cooking and procurement tips for the kitchen. For me the solution to the mystery is secondary to the menu for the next meal. And of course it is a lesson in wine.
As for the political intrigue, it is intriguing, infuriating, and always ends the worst way.
This is the most complex of the series and hints of a baby were very strong. I can’t wait for the next installment of a Capucine Culinary Mystery.  

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