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Monday, April 20, 2015

Inherit the Dead edited by Jonathan Santlofer

Inherit the Dead edited by Jonathan Santlofer is the introduction of Pericles Alexandros Christo, Perry to everyone but his mom. To know Perry, you must read what twenty mystery authors, that’s right, twenty, two zero, mystery authors have to say about a character they collectively created in one mystery. I do not know all twenty, but I do know some. Each of the authors uses Perry to tell us their philosophy of mystery writing. It was an interesting thread I chose to follow. “Perry let the quiet expand between them. Something he’d learned as a cop: let the suspect fill the uncomfortable void.” Jonathan Santlofer. Sometimes we get philosophy, “They remind me that people die but culture lives on.” “Can I borrow that for my tombstone?” Julia Driscoll peered at him, (Perry) her grey eyes narrowed. “Is that a joke?” This is Perry according to Santlofer.
Stephen L. Carter tells us that Perry hates Long Island in the beginning of the chapter and then explains in the concluding paragraph of the chapter why he hates LI. As the plot unfolds and Perry evolves, Carter reveals his bottom line on mystery: “This was why he didn’t like missing-persons cases: the lies were almost always central to the mystery. Once you solved the lie, the mystery ceased to mystify.”
I found the chapter written by Marcia Clark, yes that Marcia Clark had an interesting take on Perry. “What was her angle? After years as a homicide dick, Perry accepted nothing and no one at face value (his ex-wife used to say he’d been that way long before he was a cop – he’d always tell her he doubted that).”
John Connolly has a perfect description about vinyl and why those of us who listen to vinyl do listen to them. (Page 121). The sinister character following Perry has been elusive and is on a mission to get it all. So who is it?
A fun book for the different styles if nothing else.

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