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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer

After reading Into the Wild and his exposés on the Mormons, Jon Krakauer has always had my attention. Into Thin Air is his account of his ascent of Mt Everest and about those who succeeded and failed on this mountain in 1996. For me this is a sad tale of hubris, a lack of morality, and compassion for one’s fellow human. In a sport where teamwork is more important and crucial than any other sport, this lot in all expeditions certainly showed us the worst in mankind. I was disgusted by the behavior of almost everyone in this story and know I could never trust any of them even crossing a street. The poor Sherpas who had to deal with these assholes. No I have no use for mountain climbing and after reading this sad pathetic tale, I am even more discouraged by the sport. When money talks louder than common sense, well we know the endeavor is out of control and possibly dangerous. Also, why were there so many people on this mountain at the same time? Money!!!!
Those who had common sense survived. Those others who did survive in spit of not showing common sense most likely caused the deaths of others. Hubris is a dangerous companion. In any sport, when one breaks a rule, than bad things usually happen. Lots of rules were broken and the result was tragic.
I’m sure after nineteen years this adventure may have taught others valuable lessons.

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