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Monday, August 31, 2015

Porcupine Mountains

With Tom safely tucked into school I headed for Moose Lake SAP in Moose Lake MN just south of Duluth. Upon looking at the map more carefully I realized I should have gotten off forty miles back and stayed in St Croix SP on route 48. So I did a U-Turn and drove back to Rt 48 and followed it to WI 77 to 53 North. I traveled through the lovely St Croix Scenic Riverway, making many stops to enjoy the beauty. I followed 53 to Lake Nebagamon, had lunch on the lake. A lovely, quaint community. Looks a fun summer destination. I advanced to Brule and Rt 2 East to Ashland where I saw Lake Superior finally. I purchased some smoked trout, whitefish and fresh lake trout. Can’t get enough of this fine delicacy. I continued up the road to Washburn and off on to County C to Big Rock Road and to a cute little rustic SP on the Sioux River. I used it as a base for the two days I stayed to explore this peninsula and the Apostles Islands. While flying in a plane over these islands in the early 60’s JFK was convinced by Rockefeller to make them a National Monument. Nixon made them the National lakeshore they are now. What a wonderful power the President has to designate land as National Monuments for us. Sand Bay is the destination for this peninsula to capture all the beauty of this area. Cornucopia is a hot spot for kayakers who wish to see the shoreline better and to see the caves. After being reintroduced to the Lake, I headed for the Porcupine Mountains on the Upper Peninsula. I found Presque Isle SP right on the Presque River that flows into Lake Superior. I took a site overlooking the Lake and looking due west. The sunsets rival any I’ve seen that set over water including Key West, Nantucket Island, and the west coast. Lake Superior is a wonder. I finally got a bike ride in and will stay here for four nights and enjoy the hiking, biking, bathing, and beauty of the Lake. Next to my campsite is a “Stairway to Lake Superior.” Presque Isle in the Porcupines is a must stop on every campers’ bucket list.

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