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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Mysteries of Soldiers Grove by Paul Zimmer

The Mysteries of Soldiers Grove by Paul Zimmer is a wonderful love story. He and she meet in an assisted living home and get another chance at love, adventure, and life. He, Cyril, is a collector of lives.  He read as a child because his parents were drunks. She, Louise, was a French lass who traveled to a Wisconsin farm with her new American farmer husband after the war. This is a lovely story of reinvention, rejuvenation, rejoicing in life.
Cyril is overwhelmed when he tells Louise she looks like Christine de Pisan and she then reports about her life to Cyril, the giver of lives. He is so blown away he asks her to marry him. As I came to know Cyril, this was not only not he; he has never been with a woman. He is just flabbergasted that she knows this woman. Her response: “Of course, I ignored his proposal, but I must, however, advise him later to be more careful about such frivolities. Old women can be very dangerous – in ways different than younger ones.”
They are meant for each other and complement each other perfectly. This is a heartwarming story of love, trust, and concern for another in the twilight years.

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