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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Company She Kept by Archer Mayor

The Company She Kept by Archer Mayor returns me to Vermont and a case of murder that Joe Gunther of the Vermont Bureau of Investigation must solve. The case he has caught is a doosey. It is familial, in that it involves someone he knew and who was know by many around him. Joe has a love life and again those around him are familiar with it and some with whom he loved. One is the governor and her best friend and we discover a lesbian lover as well is murdered and then left to make it look like a hate crime because the word “dyke” is etched into her chest with a knife and left hanging on the interstate at a popular and beautiful overlook.
The murderer has tried to make it look like a crazy misanthrope and misogynist is responsible. When that fails drug dealers are framed. It the end it all comes down to money, where it comes from and why it is needed. This is a haunting mystery about family, love for family, and what we do for family. Funny that since it is not into a family we have much control, but we do about our friends and lovers. So what does that say about us? Rarely are murders committed by folks we don’t know, except all of a sudden that seems to be the case as we are now inundated with too many murders by folks with too much fire power. What does that say about us? Now that Northeast Vermont has been soiled, what’s left?
“Ninety-nine times out of hundred, crimes come down to love, hate, or money, and unlike what it says in the bible, the greatest of these is money.”

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