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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wanted Man by Lee Child

Wanted Man by Lee Child finds Jack Reacher in the middle of an FBI, CIA, anti terrorism undercover job just by hitchhiking. He was in Nebraska hitchhiking to Virginia to meet the lady at the other end of the phone at Langley. He had nowhere else to be, never does. He liked her voice. The 57th car picked him up heading east with two men and a woman in the back seat. He joined her. All three were dressed like they were in musical group. Jack’s cop senses go to work and he knows he is in a situation, but not exactly what kind of situation, good or bad and eventually surmises it is not good.  After a couple of roadblocks and an botched attempt on his life, Jack is abandoned at a motel and that is where it gets bizarre. He connects up with an Omaha FBI agent, Karen Sorenson and they begin to try to solve the crime, which is so convoluted. The crime is a dead guy in a pumping station in the middle of nowhere in Nebraska. The guys who picked him up are responsible for the death, but why is the question.
In a former motel in the middle of nowhere in Kansas, which has barbed wire around it, just like a prison. Reacher is reunited with many of the characters we have already met or know about. This is where he begins to learn some answers and they aren’t satisfying. And he is given strict instructions not to talk to anyone about anything concerning the case. Jack hates rules, as we know. This is for his own safety and Jack takes care of himself, as we know. And everyone else with some help from others when needed. All done, he’s back on the road to find the voice at the other end of the phone.
Oh and one more fact about the 1960 World Series, Mr. Reacher. A member of the losing team won the Series, MVP: Bobby Richardson for getting six RBI’s in one game, which was tied by another Yankee, Hideki Matsui in 2009.
One, two, three, four…. No a’s to hundred and one, an amazing trick.

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