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Monday, March 21, 2016

Going to meet Hudson

Hudson was born at 10:28 on March 15, 2016. I returned from my first bike ride in about a week to learn I was a grandfather for the third time.  I will go there on March 21 to give them some time and to allow all the other guests to come and go.
I had a wonderful first night back in Big Lagoon (paradise) with a great fire, good weather and a moon that just lingered in the sky. After waking to learn that my daughter was in the hospital and a bike ride, I called the new parents. I spoke to the new father as the new mother was nursing their new baby.
I went to the beach with a lunch and celebrated in the sun. I took a lovely long walk and felt so good to be back but to be a grandpa again. I found great postcards and sent one to Hudson, welcoming him and telling him I couldn’t wait to meet him. I told others about Hudson. I got home and got a call from Tom about my visit. I made some brownie mix to cook in their oven for them. I had dinner and drove down to him and got there about 7. I brought a Delirium brew I a growler, too. We had a toast and sent the pic to his sister and husband as we toasted Hudson. It was fun meeting his ATO brothers and we look forward to seeing each other at Patent’s weekend in mid April.  I got home and listened to the election results and had a fire. Hillary did very well, and Trump lost Ohio.
I woke and after breakfast took an excellent twenty-mile ride and then went to the beach with lunch. I saw lots of dolphins today and lots more pelicans. I spoke to my daughter and I asked her how it felt to hold Hudson and she giggled and said how beautiful it was. I love that giggle of hers. I know it so well as an indicator of her joy and happiness. George stayed the night so the family was together the first night. I never had that luxury. I like the new way. She sounded so calm, so happy, and so hopeful. I can’t wait to meet Hudson. He has big cheeks I saw in new pictures, great for nibbling on. I left the beach, did some shopping and returned to camp to new neighbors.
I got lots of folks complimenting Hillary’s speech and win since they saw my “I’m Ready for Hillary” bumper sticker on my car. I put that sticker on a prominent place on my car.  A fellow I know back in Berlin. When he saw it he asked if I needed it to cover some rust.  A former teaching colleague who is a Bernie supporter and I have been having a good back and forth, but last night was not good and even with the next states being supposedly Bernie country makes the process work in Hillary’s favor as she has learned and adjusted. I wonder if we won’t go back to the way we did it when we just starting. The candidate who got the most number of votes was Prez and the one with second most number of votes was VP.
The day started with a thunderstorm. After breakfast and the rain stopped, I went to the library to do some Internet work and then I headed to Pensacola to visit three breweries.  The St Patrick Day’s Brew tour started at Redneck Riviera Brewing Company and Goat Lips restaurant. No growlers. So I got a flight of Shovelbum, a Cream Ale; MacArgo Amber, Scotch Ale; Big Easy, Breakfast stout; Raiders of the Last Hops, Imperial Red. I took 3 Innis and Gunn and 3 Einstok White Ale with me. I’m hoping to come back here Sunday for open mike and good music. The couple who run this place are my people. I set out for McGuire Irish Pub and wasn’t disappointed, as it was St Pat’s day. Parking was a challenge. I walked in and found a pipe band, but getting to the bar and getting a flight was impossible. Wrong vibe. I left for Pensacola Bay Brewery. I’ve been there many times and was happy to find a parking spot right in front as it was raining. I got a flight: Napoleon IPA, Greybeard stout, an ESB, an their pale ale. I will take a growler of the first three while I drink their Imperial stout, not available in growler, there as I listen to an Irish band. The band is great and so Irish. I feel as if I were in an Irish Pub. It rained like hell while I was there, so like Ireland. I got home about 4:30 and the place was well drenched, and my camp was fine. The sky is clearing and it looks like a good evening. I do love the panhandle and this area to Apalachicola. I met a good young man, Josh, a civil engineer at PBB. He has traveled as much of me and knew so many areas I have been. He is married to a local and spoke about the area with great knowledge and love. I got pictures of Hudson dressed in green; Oh has he joined a great family, I can’t wait until he is 21, I’ll be 87, no problem. The weather has calmed and I look forward to a bike ride.
Soon it started to rain and I took a nap. I woke at 11 and the rain had stopped and it was very heavy as I found the picnic table, which was under the awning, was soaked. I had put everything away so nothing that shouldn’t get wet, didn’t get wet. I made dinner and a fire and enjoyed the ESB and the cleared evening. I woke at 11 AM to find we had another rain event. It is the greyest of days like Nantucket. Thunder rumbles all day long threatening more rain. I emptied a bag of peanuts, that were stale, have been collected by squirrels and birds. Then at 2PM it started to rain and it didn’t stop until midnight. When it stopped, I went out and so did everyone else. Mad rushes to the bathrooms, dumping garbage, and just gawking at the puddles. I took a shower. Some people started fires and then just an hour later, it started to rain again and it rained until 6 AM. The sun rose majestically and those leaving left, those others leaving made decisions to leave, and one poor couple who were in a tent were soaked. Everything was soaked as they piled everything, all wet, on the picnic table and hung some stuff. I had to move to another site and was glad for the sun, since I expected rain. I took the garbage and walked passed my next site and it was empty. I went back had tea and broke camp, drove to septic dump, to ranger station for new tag, and to new site. I did the whole process in less than an hour. I showered and had my oatmeal while my wet and damp clothes and towels hung on the line. It is supposed to start raini0ng again in the afternoon. I decided to take a bike ride. Lots of others had the same idea. Lots of runners and bikers. I took another shower. It is very humid. I grabbed some food and headed to Perdido Key at National Gulf Island Seashore. I took a walk and then just sat for a while eating my apple and watching the perfect post storm waves assaulted the shore in a controlled wave after wave each one just as perfect as the next. It was hypnotic. There was a wedding on the beach. Lucky couple, getting this done in between the rainstorms. The clouds started coming in and blocking the sun. Slowly those assembled in there groups started to gather their stuff. I headed home; I was tired and thinking of a nap. When I got home at 2:30, I cleared the clothesline and secured everything as the first drops began to pound off the roof of the Scamp and awning.  After a couple of hours later it stopped as the sky cleared and the moon and sun were visible. It was over.  I set a fire and had dinner as I listened to the Saturday night fare on the local NPR station, WUWF. They do some interesting and good evening programs. The winds were coming from the NW and getting harder as the evening progressed. When I retired at midnight, I put the awning away, secured the outside, closed all windows and ceiling openings and pulled on a extra blanket for the evening. The front that drove the rain weather north to give the NE some snow for Spring’s first day was coming in strongly with lower temperatures and stronger forces. I woke about six and was tempted to turn the heater on, but didn’t, I just snuggle in the blankets. I finally crawled out of bed at nine and made tea, which also heated the place up. The sun was shining brightly and not a cloud in the sky. The wind was too strong for a bike ride and it was chilly, so I put on long sweats and socks to greet the day. Tonight will be my last night on this road trip. I left home on Feb 2 and arrived in Big Lagoon on Feb 7, Super Bowl Sunday. I will follow the trip I made here with the exception of Asheville. Funny that the weather today is similar to my first days here seven weeks ago, but a tad warmer, maybe by 10 -15 degrees. I hung out some damp towels on the line to take advantage of the sunny windy day, which is perfect for drying clothes. The Spurs won their game and are keeping pace with LC. Kane scored a brace to take the lead in the scoring for BPL. I took a drive to Orange Beach passed the place Tom and his brothers stayed, for cheap gas and oysters. Gas prices have been rising to over $2 for the first time in a while. In FLA gas is $2.09 and just ten miles down the road in ALA it is $1.87. So I went down to get gas and on the way back I stop at The Gulf, a raw bar on the border. It was a funky place on the gulf with outside dining like the Islands. I got home and started packing things up like the bikes, the rug, and other outside inessentials at this time. Obama is in Cuba. I’ll have my last dinner, leftovers mostly; last fire with the Big Broadcast.
It seems as if the same male cardinal that was banging up against my passenger side rear mirror has returned. When I was here seven weeks ago, a male cardinal was obsessed with the passenger side mirror. He would land on the window, look in the mirror, and then attack it. While lying in the hammock, I heard a noise and looked around to see a male cardinal attacking the passenger side mirror.  He wasn’t around when I was at the other site. His territory must be at this end of the camp. Putting out birdseed certainly has its advantages.

Today, Monday, Apr 21, I’ll meet my new grandson, Hudson.

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