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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Home Sweet Home

I left my daughter and grandson at 11 AM. I got through the initial traffic around Atlanta and found empty roads. The drive was easy. I stopped at rest stops to walk, to cook and eat, and to take a short nap. I decided to drive through. Instead of going to my house, I decided to go to the Fed Park at Assateague. At 2 AM I arrived at the park and found number 4 available. I set my get out quick tomorrow camp. I grabbed a beer and walked to the beach and felt the cold of the ocean. I sat and drank the beer. I went to bed in the wind and cold. I decided to stay here since all my stuff was in the Scamp. To have gone home would have had be going in and out to get this and that. I hope this is a tradition for the future. I woke with the sun coming through the window. This was fabulous. It took me twenty minutes to break camp. I got home by 8 AM and spent the day deconstructing. Burley had a great event going on all day and into the night. I saw lots of friends.
The next day a neighbor came over to tell me my landlord was in the hospital, his liver is failing and he is going to University of MD for a bed and hopefully a transplant. He is a good man.  She also offered to mow the grass for the first time as she was getting the big mower out and figured I had my hands full with unpacking and such. It was right neighborly of her and helped me out lots. It is cold here and I have indoor fires. I have to figure out how to stay south longer next year. I’m already booked from Feb 6 to Mar 6 and have to wait until Apr 6 to continue booking for next year. Still hoping to get a fortnight in the Keys. It rained all weekend and was very windy.
On Monday I went to the library, took the car in to Jiffy Lube, and did a big shopping at two stores. It cleared by the afternoon and I had a fire outside and read. The back neighbor’s dog, Betty, a small black terrier, came over and jumped in my lap while I sat in front of the fire, she is a cutey. Tuesday was windy and cool and I did some yard work in between reading and catching up with some TV programs. I caught a pinecone needle in my left thumb, which I had to soak out and got stung by a wasp on my right foot. Yikes, what a day already.
I bought my seven tickets for Jazz Fest and then took some time to look at the lineup for each day. Of course, there are times when 2 artists I want to see are playing at the same time. Decisions and choices are to be made. One of the owners of a local restaurant I like and who knows NOLA well is going to give me some restaurants to visit when I’m there this time, Apr 21 to May 5. I’ll be seeing my son at ISU for his parent’s weekend at the frat, ATO, the weekend from Apr 14 to Apr 18. I plan on visiting Hot Springs on my way to St Bernard SP. Then we’ll celebrate my daughter’s first Mother’s Day, when my son will meet his new nephew.

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