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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Between Trips

As I mentioned before, I took three Virginia Woolf books (Mrs. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, The Waves) with me to Florida. As I said, too, I hadn’t read these three tomes since college and that January intersession class I took on Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group. Needless to say I forgot just how bizarre her work is and how beautiful. Three unique styles from one author, stunning, brilliant. Now that I’m home I will have access to a library.
Blood Salt Water by Denise Mina finds me back in Scotland and in the Glasgow area, a favorite place for me to visit. The setting includes the current referendum question of independence as it hangs a huge shadow around the story. I am reminded in this novel that the percentage of salt content in each of us is the same as that of the ocean. Justice is a curious thing in this novel.  Justice isn’t thorough and it isn’t always gotten. It seems a rather good look at humanity and coincidences and bad decisions.
Murder in an Irish Village by Carlene O’Connor puts me in Kilbane, County Cork. I’ve never been there, but have been to Ireland and missed the whole southern part for another visit. The weather here has been conducive for reading by a fire because it has been cool and it has been rainy. The O’Sullivan Six are six siblings who run a pastry shop and have to fend for themselves. When a murder happens one of the Six is accused and it means the other five must solve the crime so they don’t lose the shop and their brother, since the authorities aren’t pursuing it fast enough, even though the oldest fancies the local cop. A fun read, but.
Crazy Blood by T. Jefferson Parker ironically involves a pastry shop in Mammoth Lakes Ski resort. Half-brothers, Wylie and Sky, battle to be the top skier in X-Cross skiing. A five month pregnant, Cynthia with Sky shot her husband, Richard Carson five times when she found him in bed with Wylie’s mom, Kathleen, a ski student of Richard’s. Cynthia gives birth to Sky in prison at the beginning of her thirteen-year sentence. The obvious vitriol between the half-brothers is all about blood, crazy blood. This fine novel has wonderfully chaotic twists just like an X-Cross course.
I finally got a reservation for a campsite in the Keys at Long Key for two weeks next March following a month in the panhandle, sweet. It’s about patience, practice, and perseverance.
I’m of on another adventure. First I will be in Ames seeing my son at ISU for the weekend. Then I head to NOLA via Hot Springs AR. I’ll be at Jazz Fest for two weeks and then off to Marietta to see my new grandson, Hudson and his parents on Mother’s Day.

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