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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Jazz Fest Day Five

I woke early and stayed in bed enjoying the cloudy sky and the cool breezes generated. Within an hour all that changed as the sun appeared and so did the humidity, because everything was still wet from yesterday’s rains. Nothing ever dries down here. I had breakfast and got ready. I got an early out, no chores, and got to Burgundy and Elysian Fields to park my car and ride the bike the rest of the way to the fairgrounds, about three easy miles. Basically I rode up St Bernard and through back streets. I found a telephone pole available closer to the entrance then previous days and tied my steed to the pole. When I got in at 1120, I headed straight to the Economy Hall tent to hear Paulin Brothers Brass Band. They were dressed in white shirts with black ties and a ship captain’s cap. They marched around the hall and created a second line. They closed with “When the Saints.” I then marched over to Gentilly Stage to see Bonerama, a three-trombone band with a sousaphone, guitar, and drums. At one point they brought out two kids, the children of two of the band members. One of the three-trombone player’s, son also played the trombone and the sousaphone player, who also played bass and keyboards, his son played guitar. During the song the fathers and sons were on stage the father son combo played together and foiled with each other. It was very cool. From there I took the track all the way to the other side of the moon, the Acura Stage for The Dirty Dozen Brass Band. I decided to sit in the bleachers and eat my lunch of tuna fish sandwich and yoo hoo. They were good until the singer called the drummer’s girlfriend out on stage to dance. And then he got nasty. He is having her turn and dance for the audience and then says, “This belongs to the drummer, so…” and he leaves that hanging. I had just heard a show on nasty tweets sent to two female shorts reporters. I was glad I was done with lunch and I left. I headed back along the track to the other side of the moon, The Gentilly Stage for The Raw Oyster Cult Band. I hung with them until Fais Do Do hosted Honey Island Swamp Band. I found a place on the fence by the sound both and pulled my camper’s chair from my backpack, assembled it and sat. My legs need a rest. Halfway through the show I had to stand because of the crush of people and the music demanded it. When this show ends, I’m in luck as all I need to do is slide left over to Gentilly, returning the last slide over from there to here. At Gentilly is The Revivalists. I sit under the large hickory tree and have my yogurt as I listen to The Revivalists. I sit with a lovely young couple from Austin. He is an elementary principal and she is in advertising.  After the sustenance and the stimulating conversation, I walk through the Gentilly Stage area to the track so I can hoof it the Blues Tent to hear John Mooney. He is fabulous and has an excellent band. Tim catches up to me there. We saunter back along the track to Fais Do Do to hear Los Lobos. We sat there until 530, when Tim went to see Paul Simon and I went to see Aurora Kneeland & the Royal Roses at the Economy Stage. I got a seat in the fifth row center stage. Today she is playing the soprano and tenor sax.  She is one of the most talented musicians I have seen down here. The Economy has a dance floor and couples are out there sashaying around. I leave before the last song so I can hear it as I go down the track past the back of the tent to The Blues Tent to hear Elvin Bishop. I get a spot near where I was early for Mooney, I’m standing on the rail in standing room only left of the sound booth. He was stupendous and he did Halleluiah. The day ended and I sauntered back through the Congo Square where this show is going into overtime. I have never had a crowd when I’ve left. I was glad my bike was close. I had a lovely bike ride back to the car. I still had Bishops last song in my head as I used it to pedal down St Bernard and then to N. Ramparts to Elysian Fields and right on Burgundy to car.  From there, the ride home no incidents with trains or bridges. I got back to the camp and turned on the AC and prepared for dinner, steak, asparagus, baked beans, and tomato/cuke/red onion salad. After dinner, I took a shower and hit the sack early for tomorrow’s awesomeness.

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