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Friday, April 29, 2016

Jazz Fest Day Four

I woke early Thursday and knew we were going to have rain today. I dressed appropriately, packed my raincoat and umbrella to be sure I was protected.  I packed lunch. I set out early because I needed to stop at post office to mail the last of the postcards. I went to the bank for some cash. I got to Burgundy and Elysian Fields and found a good parking spot. I hauled down the bike and set off to the Fest. I chained my bike to a familiar telephone pole. I set out to find Erica at Klon’s trailer. They were in a meeting so I waited in the Economy Hall Tent to listen to the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. The rain came down and I was in a perfect spot in the back left corner with an aisle chair and space to stand. I had a sandwich while I listened the finely dressed band. They were in suits with ties, very sharp. The rain let up and I made my way to Fais Do Do to see the Savoy Family Cajun Band. No sooner did I get there then the skies opened up. I came prepared. I took my raincoat and hung it over my backpack, tied the hood string around my neck and put the hood up. I opened my umbrella and braced it against the slanted rain. I was just fine. The music was fabulous. The band was a father, a mother and two sons, and a friend. Again the rain let up as the set ended and I made my way to the big hickory by Gentilly Stage to have my lunch. Lunch was over and as I waded over to Gentilly Stage to hear Lost Bayou Ramblers with Rickie Lee Jones and Spider Stacy, it started to rain again. It poured as it had earlier. I was set and weathered the storm dancing in the mud. I merely sidled left to Fais Do Do again for another Cajun band, Bruce Dalgrepont Cajun Band. I’ve followed a Cajun theme today. They sing in French creole. It’s about the music, especially today. On a recommendation from Erica I headed off to see Brandi Carlile where I met up with Tim. It was her first Jazz Fest, too. She was from Seattle. She had an amazing voice and played lots of guitars beautifully. She was flanked by twins, one playing a bass and the other a six string. They also had tom toms in front of their microphones. She was great and her performance is today’s star. Spoiler alert. I was planning on seeing Carlile and then slide over to Fais to see Buffy St Mary, but that didn’t happen. Brandi stole my heart. After her last chord, Tim and I hoofed along the racetrack to Acura Stage. Racetrack is the way to go, since it drains so well, unlike the grass infield. Tim headed for the grandstand to take a seat while I headed for the stage. Tedeschi Trucks Band featuring Jimmi Vaughn and Billy Gibbons. They rocked the house and everyone was dancing in the mud, we was mudders today and the band provided the music. This was the second choice for star of day. I had to leave after an hour and ten minutes of her two-hour show to see Elvis Costello, at Gentilly Stage, on the other side of the moon, especially since he was doing a tribute to his mentor Allen Toussaint. I got there for a couple of his early stuff and then the AT tribute. Beautiful and humbling by EC. Instead of staying when he concludes the AT tribute I slid next door to Fais Do Do to catch the last three songs of Pine Leaf Boys, a Cajun band. Rain was threatening, but never came as I rode back to the car and followed N. Ramparts to St Claude after the RR crossing. I was right the train was blocking St Claude here, but not my route, Yippee! It was very buggy when I got back to camp. All the rain and then the late sun raised the humidity and must have stimulated the flying ants. I grilled a butterflied rainbow trout and cooked some baked beans. I showered and went to bed a happy festival goer.

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