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Thursday, May 5, 2016

After the JazzFest

The Jazz fest is over. Today, Monday, is a new day. Lots to do. I have to do a laundry and clean the camp up some. I can put away all Fest related things. After shower and laundry, I made an omelet for lunch. I read some and it started to rain, so I took a nap. I woke at 2 and prepared to go into town. I started at Crescent City Brewery for oysters and to get two growlers, Weise and the IPA, to go. I parked right in front of the Brewery. The oysters were great as was the beer. I next set out to Courtyard Brewing Company for a beer and to get two more growlers, the baby IPA, a saison and a brown ale. Enjoying the atmosphere and beer, I decide to have dinner at Lilette.  It was an easy drive, go a block and then turn left on Magazine and follow if a couple of miles. I found the pretty yellow building easily and a parking spot right in front. I entered a very elegant restaurant with red walls and lots of windows. It was beautifully appointed and the wait staff very professional in black slacks or pants with a white shirt. The sommelier was in a suit. I sat at the bar to have dinner. I was set up, got a Belgium beer, ordered a duck comfit, followed by the squab. I had a panna cotta and espresso for dessert. The meal was excellent and not bad on the bill, much less then I expected. It is getting to the music hour and I headed to Frenchmen Street. I headed to Maison to hear Aurora Nealand and the Royal Roses, who played from 8-10. They were brilliant and I had a chance to talk with Aurora for the first time and praised her from my many times here and do appreciate her music so much. She is in Panorama, the Royal Roses, and Monocle. Monocle was what deemed her a genius to me, like Herbie Hancock and David Byrne. I bought the new CD and told her I look forward to see her next time in town. I headed to the Spotted Cat for the 10 o’clock show with the Jazz Vipers. Craig Field is in this group as well as in Bonerama and Paul Sanchez Band. Both Aurora and Craig are two of my favorite performers and to see them on this evening. I headed home and got home by midnight and had a beer and went to bed for a good night’s sleep.
Tuesday was a real down day, no plans except dinner at Coquette. I stayed in bed reading, fell back asleep, woke again and decided to have breakfast, read some more. I fixed the awning and applied NOLA stickers. Lay down for awhile and read some more. I may have slept some, too. I headed to town and to Courtyard to have a beer before dinner. When I got there the brewer was just sampling the new tap: Prose and poetry, my favorite here. I had a glass and got a growler to take 64 ozs home. I then left and took a left up Magazine to Coquette which was 1.2 miles away.  A corner entrance with two doors. A long bar with a massive bar back and a blue tone on the opposite and adjoin wall. I walk the bar and find a seat at the end but one seat shy of end. “Dinner?” asks the bartender. “Yes, please.” I respond. “Wonderful” she responds as she provides a mat and a setup, then the water. I order a Farmhouse Saison that I believe is a redundancy, from Chappapeela Farms in Amite, LA. I peruse the menu and decide on gumbo to start followed by the quail with the grilled carrots and beets. Knowing the quail takes time I order all at once with specific instructions that the grilled roots come with the quail. The gumbo is superb, the kale the best. The quail was perfect as were the grilled roots. No espresso, so I had the cheese plate. It was a great choice. Four cheeses, three condiments, and a lovely buttered toasted bread. I played around with different configurations of cheese and condiment. It was such fun. After dinner I headed to Frenchmen Street to hear The Rhythm Stompers and assorted guests at the Spotted Cat. This was it, the last night in town. I drove home and read some before retiring.
I wake in the middle of the night freezing. I close the door. I close the ceiling vents. I put an extra blanket on the bed. I hunker down in my bedclothes. Warm, is achieved and I fall asleep until 740. I lounge, read, make and have tea, maybe fall asleep again. The day is cool and dry, 68. It is the best weather day since I’ve been here for two weeks. Either it is humid and I sweat or it is raining and I’m wet from the rain. The bottom line is I’m never dry. Today, I’m dry. It is unique. I put out the awning so it can dry out. After a late breakfast, I take my first bike ride in 7 or 8 days. I’m cruising along at 20 21 miles an hour. I know I’m going to suffer going back into the wind that is driving me at these ridiculous speeds. I like the wind out so I can get my legs loose and the ride back into the wind is prepared for and ultimately the reason for the ride. That ride back into the wind at a constant speed is the training exercise. I am jazzed by the ride, but of course, I’m in New Orleans, so I should be jazzed always. I come back relatively dry, compared to my sweaty wet rides before. I start to break camp. I start with the orange area rug, which I hung over the clothes line before my bike ride. It has been dried by the sun and the wind and I beat it with the broom to loosen the dried dirt. It is aerated as I bag it and stow it in the Thule. Then I wash the Scamp. I fill the dishpan with hot soapy carwash water and proceed to bathe the Scamp. After the Scamp has been cleaned, I put the bikes up on top of the car with their Skinz covers. I have a yogurt, read and take a long nap. I wake and deconstruct the clothesline, starting with my dried bike clothes and towel. The pinecones I had brought with me and got soaked are now opening up and ready to be fired. I’m planning a trout dinner and a fire, the first fire since I’ve been here. I slowly do different things to close up and prepare for my trip to St Joseph and Apalachicola. Listening to the Livewire at the odd hour on WWOZ and restraining from driving into town. Tonight it is all about St Bernard SP.
I’m off for the St Joseph near Apalachicola.
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