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Monday, May 9, 2016

Hanging in Panhandle

I woke real early and just lay in bed waiting for the sun to rise. I went in and out of sleep. I rose at 615 and did my breaking of camp and breakfasting. I was on the road by 7. IU had a big trip to St Joseph and into EST, so I was going to be losing an hour to boot. I was on Rt 10 for four hours and then I snaked through the back roads and some four-lane highways and then I reached Rt 98 east of Panama City and east of Mexico City. The sea breeze was so refreshing and smelled so good. I stopped at the Shipwreck Raw Bar for a dozen of the very good Apalachicola oysters. So saline, it was a shock after the New Orleans less than saline oysters.  NOLA oysters are very fleshy and without saline. But these Apalachicola oysters are very, very good and have so much more saline than last time I was here. I was in heaven and a half hour fro camp. They are still working on 30A. It is like they are making a career out of repaving this road. When I checked in, I inquired about a site for tomorrow night. One was available and I had to go through Reserve America. I reserved site 63 for tomorrow night. That’s great as I will be able to relax until 1 PM Sat to drive to Marietta and find a camp south of Atlanta so I can arrive at Cait’s mid morning on Sunday. I set a quick camp, grabbed a beer, and went to the beach. I took a swim. The water is so warm while the air is so cold, lots of wind blowing sand across the beach. I can compare it to being in a thermal pool in Iceland and having the wind blow snow across the glacier. When I’m too hot, I stand up and let the snow cool me off. Same here. The water is so warm; I stand up and let the wind cool me off so when I go under it is warmer. I bob around for a while. After too much fun, I grab my towel and walk up to the showers. I walk home and let the wind dry me. I hang my towel on a clothesline and then my bathing suit. I’m going to stay in tonight; I’m tired and had a long drive. It is Cinco de Mayo, but I will celebrate here on the beach. Tomorrow I will spend time in Apalachicola. It is good to be back here; I love this beach and campground so much. Cooking a steak tonight with a grilled zuke and some potatoes. I will have a fire tonight, too. I get to bed early after falling asleep in front of the fire.
Friday is a warmer and less windy day. I have breakfast and take a twenty-mile ride on a favorite road of mine. I get back and break camp and move to my new site, 63. A quick setup and I head to the beach. I find a spot behind some grasses to shield me from the wind. I lie there a half hour on each side and then take a swim. I dry in the sun and then put on my shorts and long sleeve shirt and read. I move down by the water and read. I lie down and fall asleep for an undetermined time. I wake at 430 and head back to camp to make dinner of tuna, some mashed potatoes from the other night and the last of the zuke. I take a shower and prepare to go into town to listen to some music at the Bowery Station. I get there a seven after getting a beer, I retire to the outside patio to settle in and listen top the music. After the first set, I take a walk by the bay and look at the fishing boats. They are a good 60’s cover band, the beer is good (Oyster City Hooter Brown) and the fragrances from the honeysuckle are intoxicating me. They shut down at 930 and I head home. I make a fire when I get home and fall asleep again in front of the fire. I wake to readjust the wood so they all burn off and I go to bed. I wake, the fire has burned to ash and I take another twenty-mile ride in a softer breeze. I get back and break camp, shower, and settle by the bay in the parking lot and have some lunch. I leave and head for Indian Pass Raw Bar for a dozen oysters and a beer. After that lovely snack, I proceed to Apalachicola to visit Oyster City Brewery. The day is beautiful. After this stop I leave the coast for Marietta, GA to see my daughter for her first Mother’s Day and to see Hudson, that cutey. My daughter has been sending me pictures of Hudson very regularly. I drive up 65 out of Apalachicola and find a primitive campsite on the Apalachicola River. I am alone but lots of trucks with boat trailers. I set camp, collect wood for a fire, and make dinner. All the boaters are I and gone by nightfall and I set the bonfire. The flames lick six to eight feet in the air. The fire drives the mosquitoes away and light up the area. As the ashes develop, I put the small logs I’ve found and the fire burns well all night. I go to sleep about ten and see the glow of the fire as I fall asleep. I’m woken early as the boaters come to get an early start fishing. I have breakfast and set out for Marietta. I follow 65 up and take some back roads to get to 27 North which will connect me to 185, 85 and 75. I get to my daughter’s house and her mom is there as is her brother to meet Hudson. We have a good dinner and evening. I’m going to hang here until Wednesday or Thursday before going home to Berlin.

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