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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Quiet Part I

As he lay there on the couch in the absolute quiet, except for the constant tick tock of the clock, he reflected on the fact that this was the time he liked best. The outside interferences were silent; rain and snow do that. This time it was snow. As Kurt sat and celebrated the quiet, his attention to it made him wander off the reservation. All of a sudden his stomach was making noises and his head was swimming in it all. ‘It all’ being the operative phrase as he had to recover from a burned down house and women. The last was of course the herculean task. The former merely a bump in the road, a road that ain’t paved. Suffice it to say the women were instrumental in the burned down house.  An ex and a future ex got into a heated argument in the kitchen during Kurt’s preparation of dinner, which involved alcohol and fire. Kurt had decided to stay at his daughter Sarah’s house while his home was being rebuilt, enjoy his grandsons, and savor the renewed quiet of his life.
Kurt thought short term, never long term.  It’s how he got here. So where is here?
Kurt loved to cook. He loved to cook for a woman, to share a fine meal, and then to share his bed. It was his way of seduction. He was good at it, too good perhaps. Kurt met his ex this way. She a dance major and he was a science major studying botany. He wanted to get into forestry and work in national parks. Instead he became a middle school science teacher teaching about exploding volcanoes, balls rolling down chutes, and mixing chemicals to clear out a room in seconds.  Occasionally he’d take the students on field trips to the woods to look at trees and identify them, but it was more of a hassle to do that then not. Field trips sucked because of all the paperwork and supervision of middle schoolers. So much for his dreams.
She was lithe, beautiful, and reminded him of the flowering dogwood. That she was from Virginia was apt he thought. He had to explain that the state flower and tree of Virginia was the flowering dogwood. This should have been a clue to him, but it wasn’t since he wasn’t really interested in her mind. That was another mistake; always make the mind the most important thing he would learn. Rules were good if you followed them he always reminded himself after each mistake from a broken rule.
He first saw her dancing at the local bar that had live music almost every night and was intrigued with how her body moved, she was hypnotizing. At a break in the music she came to the bar and stood next to him. She ordered water without ice. She chugged the water and ordered another and left a dollar on the bar. “May I buy you the next drink, Miss?” Kurt inquired. She looked at him, smiled and said, “Maybe another evening, cowboy.” After she chugged that one, she put down the glass, smiled again at Kurt and left. He was intrigued, Cowboy?
It was two weeks before he saw her again. He returned to that bar regularly hoping to see her again.  He had pretty much given up hope he would ever see her again, but went to the club anyway and was pleasantly surprised to see her dancing beautifully on the dance floor when he walked in. He went to the bar ordered a beer and stood there just staring at her and imagining what it would be like to be in bed with her. While she was dancing, she looked over at him, smiled, turned away for effect, made some pretty moves and then turned again and while staring straight at him walked over to him in the middle of the song and asked, “Buy a girl a drink, cowboy?” Kurt ordered water without ice. “You remembered, good.” She said never taking her eyes off his. When the water came, she consumed it in one gulp and handed the glass to Kurt who handed in to the bartender and said, “Do it again.” They never broke eye contact. After she downed the second one in two gulps, she asked, “Do you dance?” “No, not really.” Kurt sighed. “Hmm, alright, let’s go to your place and I’ll teach you.” She offered. “Okay.” Smiled Kurt as he left the change of a ten on the bar and they left, hand in hand. “Do you have white wine at your place?” She asked. “Yes, I do.” He replied. “Good.” She purred.
When they arrived at his apartment, she asked for that glass of wine and to look at his CD’s. She put on the sultry Bill Withers, took the wine and put her arm around his neck, drew him in and said, “Let me show you how to dance.” She moved her body against his and they danced. As she sipped and they danced, she giggled and said, “I see you like me.” Their pelvises were touching and it was obvious he liked her. She put the glass of wine down and she had them naked in minutes. She was ravenous, all consuming. She was all over him and they made love all night long, here, there, and finally ended up in bed. As the sun began to rise, she rolled over, gave him a kiss and said she had an early dance class. “That was fun, let’s do that again, soon, Okay cowboy?” Exhausted and in disbelief with what had just happened, he barely uttered or moaned, “Sure.”
As she was leaving, he mustered enough strength to ask, “What’s your name?”
“Cowgirl.” And the door slammed shut.  He was left with just the tick tock of his clock and his own inner peace.
(to be continued)

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