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Monday, December 19, 2016

Electoral College

Today is an important day for the Electoral College. Please make America proud again. I hope it takes its charge very seriously and remembers what the Founding Fathers intended when the Electoral College was created. I know I don’t know how the Electoral College works, but I do know it exists for the reason America finds itself in today, December 19, 2016. This may be the very situation our Founding Fathers imagined when it created the Electoral College. Only the presidential election uses the Electoral College to determine the winner; it does not use the popular vote, like every other contest in this country. I know in the last five presidential elections, including this one, the Electoral College has gotten it wrong 40% of the time. Perhaps after today we should seriously consider eliminating the Electoral College, in a correct constitutional way, as has been proposed by Congressman Rangel and Senator Boxer. But that is not the matter to consider today.
Today the Electoral College is meeting to make the final confirming vote for the President of the United States. I hope it considers why it exists when it votes: to be thoughtful, consider all the facts, vote its conscience, and act according to the will of the people. I hope it considers what the projected winning candidate said to the Russians about hacking his opponent’s email, and then they did it and helped spread lies to confuse the voting public. But the public wasn’t fooled or conned or duped since she won the popular vote, the people’s choice. I hope this body considers how the projected victor lies, intentionally says the wrong things, does the wrong things, acts badly, flip flops on issues, and is unfit to hold the position of the most powerful person in the world. I hope the Electoral College considers the conflicts of interest this man would have all over the world with his own business empire.
The Founding Fathers assumed (I know about this word assume) the president would divest himself of conflicts of interest, but this president elect has not done this. Every other elected person in this country has to divulge tax returns and break business connections to hold that elected office, but not the president. Our president elect is taking advantage of these assumed matters of ethics to eventually line his own pockets at the expense of the American people. He lacks the ethics and appropriate conscience to be President of the United States.
I hope the Electoral College seriously and patriotically considers all the facts, not the fake news concerned with this rather bizarre election year and brings us back to reality, as was the intended purpose of the Founding Fathers when they created the Electoral College. I hope the Electoral College sends the election of our next president to the Congress so the people’s representatives can have a second look at the election of 2016.
When we watch a sporting event now, we are used to video review to determine if a referee’s call in a game is correct or not. We use that time to review a play so as to fix it or to confirm it. If we take calls in a game this seriously, I hope the Electoral College takes the challenge to review the election of 2016 as seriously to allow the Congress to consider and to look more closely at the presidential election of 2016. Let’s hope our Electoral College uses its intelligence and constitutional mandate to demand an examination of this very important matter, the presidential election of 2016 and America’s future, which isn’t a game, it’s real.
The Russian connection should be enough to make this decision more clear and obvious. That the president elect asked the Russians to hack his opponent should be enough for the Electoral College to rethink the outcome. It would send a real message to our people, the world, and to Russia; we are not going to allow a foreign country, especially Russia, influence our elections. That the runner up in the presidential election won the popular vote should give pause for reconsideration. The American people have thrown a red flag to ask for a review. It is now a vote of conscience in light of what is known in the aftermath of a contentious election cycle. Please make America proud again, by allowing us to have a rethink in our Congress, an open conversation in Congress of the people, by the people, for the people.

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