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Friday, July 14, 2017

While in Maine

I did some carpentry work.  I haven't done this kind of work in more than 40 years. I was working with an all metal 2 car garage and gave it a whole new wood face. The original doors were four metal doors that swung out. The two doors on the right were damaged and didn't open. The two on the left required some digging out to open. I had to use a cold chisel to break the bolts on the hinges to remove the doors. I replaced them with two large 8X8 batten doors, the right one was fixed while the left one was on a sliding rail. The triangle above the doors demanded plywood so I could shingle it and then I finished it with an 8" trim.
During breaks, I enjoyed kayaking on the lake, ate lobster and Pemaquid oysters, drank local beer, and enjoyed the cool of Maine.



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