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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

SOTU 2018, Make America Smart Again

The president spoke of opening vocational schools, and used the word “education” twice. First in referring to a man’s plan to use the new money for his daughter’s education and secondly when referring to one of the acceptable pillars and standards for immigrants. The president didn’t lay down any education policy for the country, except we need to train workers. He isn’t interested in the advanced use of technology since we now have clean coal and soon more rigs drilling for oil off our coasts, except Florida. The climate is not on the table for discussion. He mentions “school” three times, two of them in the same stories as above, but the third one referred to two young girls killed by members of the immigrant gang on Long Island, MS-13. The young ladies weren’t killed in school, but the killers apparently went to the same school. This would have been a perfect segue into the recent gun shootings in schools as a call for a war on the misuse of guns in the committing of a crime. He did however discuss our resolve after the Las Vegas massacre and our spirit, but not our irresponsible laws or lack thereof for correct gun usage and ownership.  If only he put the same fervor into our gun problem as he has for our immigration and opiate problems. The president’s educational policy is more vocational schools, nothing about safe schools along with his tough talk on better immigration laws. Please concentrate on America and the fact that schools aren’t safe and more Americans kill Americans with guns than non-Americans who kill Americans and not always with guns, they use trucks and vehicles. The sole example of a vehicle being used in a crime by an American instead of a gun, recently, was in Charlottesville, VA. Oh and what is the education policy of America? Here is Secretary DeVos’ response to SOTU: “Washington — U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos released the following statement at the conclusion of President Donald J. Trump's first State of the Union address:
"America must do better to prepare our students for success in the 21st century economy. I join the President in calling on Congress to act in the best interest of students and expand access to more education pathways.
I’m glad she cleared things up. More Vocational schools it is, then. I’d prefer we Make America Smart Again with a clear policy and people to implement it.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

It’s about the gun, stupid!

The question isn’t why did a fifteen year old boy use a gun to solve a problem? The question is how did he get that gun? From where? If from his home, why aren’t the parents under arrest too, for negligence and manslaughter?
Why did he kill with a gun? He is a fifteen-year-old boy in angst. Remember what it was like when you were fifteen. The last thing in the world we needed was access to a gun. This incident isn’t isolated even in time and location. This is not the first school shooting in the area. It isn’t the only school shooting in the week. This is January and already we have had more than a dozen school shootings this year.
Why aren’t we talking about guns yet? How many school shooting do we need before we begin holding gun owners responsible for this carnage? The child doesn’t buy these guns, adults do.  The child hasn’t learned better problem solving skills other than get a gun and solve the problem. When we were young we had fights, but no one died because of our angst. Today, because of the proliferation of guns more children have access to guns than ever before. So, in addition to charging the child with a crime, we must also charge the parents for these crimes in addition to negligence and make negligence a huge fine and penalty. We can’t solve teenage angst but we can solve the gun problem in this country. Yet we don’t because we follow a business model, not a humanist model.