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Friday, February 23, 2018


Twitter and/or Face Book. GIGO.
Information must be purged by each individual and not merely accepted. Information must be digested stripped of all its bits of fact, verifiable, before it is passed on. Take time, do research, seek other opinions, and find corroboration, before drawing and espousing a conclusion. Opinions should be constantly shifting and realigning. Before publicly publishing ideas, write a draft and read it, edit it; then rewrite it, polish it. Let it sit like a good wine or leftover food.
I miss the bibliography that helped keep track of all the resources, so I could cite them in my work. When I moved from atoms to digits, the bibliography became hyperlinks.
There is a moral obligation to be responsible with our right of free speech. Creating or perpetuating incorrect information is not responsible. I try to verify what I say, so as not to speak lies. Right now the platforms currently used for us to communicate are out of our control and in the control of bots. There’s too much and it is coming too fast for anyone to intelligently digest and formulate sound conclusions.
Right now we are in trouble because we have lost our intelligence. We need to Make America Smart Again and that means each of us must step back and explore each piece of information we get and follow it as we did when doing those research papers. What we learned in school about research has been lost to this chaos of information.
Rule one: GIGO.

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