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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Terrorist by John Updike

An educator is the hero in John Updike’s Terrorist.  This is a complicated book as it should be. The topic is terror started in New Jersey and heading to New York City. All religions are represented as the usual suspects clash over ideology, which is good when no one dies. When people die, then it’s gone too far. The key to not going too far is education.  Education is always the answer as long as it is open and public. The types of education, religious and civil, are depicted craftily and metaphorically. Updike artfully uses the “Six Degrees of Separation” axiom to weave an intricate, suspenseful, and plot twisting marvel dealing with such a delicate topic: Terrorism. I’m sorry I came to this book so late.
Blind following is the result of the lack of education the lack of questioning, the laziness of the follower. Chauvinism is not a good quality and yet our leaders demand it and name call or bully others who are not following blindly. It is our right and duty to question authority otherwise terrorism wins. We have a terrorist in the WH right now and he proves what a lack of education can do. An educated person reviews all sides of an issue and does the right thing even if it isn’t what was expected or wanted.
Will education help us here in America? We need to Make America Smart Again.

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