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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Tumbling Waters

One of the seven natural wonders of Georgia, Amicalola Falls.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

At Southern Terminus of AT

Springer Mountain in Georgia is the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail (AT). From 3782 feet the trail winds its way north to another peek in Maine, Mount Katahdin, the Northern Terminus of the AT. Follow the single vertical white bar. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

What about that electoral college?

43 & 45 happened in The United States of America because of the electoral college. What exactly is the electoral college?
For 2019, I hope the citizens of America participate in their country, invest so to speak. Not just vote. Don't even start me about those who don't vote. I take it personal, I'm a vet, VOTE!! If you don't vote you disrespect Americans who served and who died to make sure you could vote. So VOTE!! Oh yeah, state secretaries of state, you have to keep our voting procedures perfect. We have seen some disturbing trends and actions in some states creating very complex and too often unattainable documents or requirements to vote. Voter suppression shouldn't be happening. We have to be even more vigilant to insider wrong doing as well as to outside and foreign agents. Citizens have to pay attention to the actions of their Secretaries of State. Oh yeah, what about that electoral college? Popular vote!! The electoral college has outlived its usefulness. In fact, it is a relic. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Conversate about the electoral college. Don't f*** with the people a third time. It takes Congress to eliminate the electoral college. Do we want candidates catering to the college or to us, the people?
Chill Ted.
Conversate and read and listen. Don't just listen or read one source, explore all views. Do your homework, before you vote.
Education will help you digitally communicate with your elected officials.  Give them your report card. Do this diligently, respectfully, with facts, and often, very often, very very often. Daily wouldn't hurt.
Contact your elected officials on a daily basis. Let them know you are paying attention and vote. Did I say "digitally"?
Yes I did. When I first dabbled with the digits, an acronym I first encountered was GIGO, garbage in garbage out. When I first entered the pools of Facebook and Twitter I was immediately reminded of this mantra, GIGO. Consider the source of information. Consider the legitimacy of those facts. Consider how you respond. These sites concerned me. "Buyer beware," "use at own risk" fine print and so on. This to only satisfy legal liability, nothing about ethics. Since ethics classes are those classes missed by too many geeks, we the people must pay attention, otherwise we suffer. Trust but verify.
We have to have this attitude with the other media, too.
I thought in those days when I had high schoolers publishing their work on their webpages that was the brave new world. This new world is a maelstrom. Only the people can calm it, ground it, fix it.
Educate yourself and vote. In CyberEnglish, we didn't just publish, we engaged in peer review. Currently I'm not seeing good or good spirited peer review. There is plenty of passing it on. Our waste is piling up. But peer review? No. We are in camps. Lobbing and warring digitally like WWI. We are in our digital trenches.
I'm not for impeachment. I'm against it. Work on healing and fixing the missed oversight and then prepare to Vote the Donald out. Fire him. Do it publicly and by the book. Make government work with compromise and negotiation fundamentals, that are civil, and factual. What I am for is the conversation about the electoral college and the demolition of the electoral college. Popular vote is the popular choice.
Please explain the need for the electoral college.

To begin 2020, wouldn't it be amazing if Congress overrode presidential vetoes?